This event is held as part of the UN Decade pavilion at World Restoration Conference on 27 September 2023

Achieving the vision of the UN Decade: Key capacity development initiatives to foster and enhance ecosystem restoration

In 2021, the Task Force on Best Practices implemented a global capacity needs assessment for restoration to identify key gaps and priority areas for capacity development to support the UN Decade. In 2022, a Capacity, Knowledge, and Learning Action Plan for the UN Decade was developed based on information from this assessment, a stock-taking of existing knowledge products and capacity development initiatives, as well as several targeted consultations. The action plan proposes eight capacity development initiatives tailored to all relevant stakeholder groups involved in restoration, aiming to achieve three main objectives:

  1. Develop individual and organizational capacity across sectors and scales
  2. Foster networks, partnerships and collective action mechanisms
  3. Strengthen the enabling environment for ecosystem restoration


The workshop will present ongoing efforts and opportunities for collaboration in the implementation of key capacity development initiatives designed in the context of the Capacity, Knowledge, and Learning Action Plan for the UN Decade.


  • Tiina Vahanen/Christophe Besacier, FAO
  • Robin Chazdon, Forestoration International
  • Andrea Romero, FAO

Organizer: Andrea Romero ([email protected])


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Organized by: UN Decade Task Force on Best Practices

Date of Event: 27 Sep 2023

Time of Event: 02:00:PM - 03:30:PM ACST — Australian Central Standard Time

Event Location: Playhouse, Darwin Entertainment Centre. Darwin, Australia

Event Category: Workshop

Event Format: In-person