CEO, Global Evergreening Alliance 


Chris Armitage is co-founder and CEO of the Global Evergreening Alliance (GEA), the world's largest implementation alliance focussed on community-led land restoration. Having started his career in international deal structuring, in 2012 Chris transitioned to the development sector with World Vision. Within 4 months, he had co-founded the Evergreen Agriculture Partnership, a collaborative platform for developing massive-scale restoration programs, and the pre-cursor to GEA. Chris also played a key role in establishing and coordinating the Africa CSA Alliance. In 2017, having facilitated its design, Chris managed the inception phase of the Regreening Africa project, a massive-scale farmer-led land restoration initiative spanning eight countries. Less than a year later, he established GEA, which is now implementing Africa’s largest ever farmer-led ecosystem restoration program. Chris is privileged to be a member of the Global Future Council on Future of Food & Water Security. 

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