Director, Women4Biodiversity 


A women’s rights and environmental justice advocate and Director of Women4Biodiversity, she specializes in policy, advocacy, and research on addressing the intersectionality of human rights, gender, and environmental governance. She has worked many years in supporting and advocating for community-led conservation initiatives in the global South and sees the need for enhancing synergies among Multilateral Environment Agreements and other environmental-related processes and policies.  For several years, Mrinalini has focused on integrating human rights and gender equality in the decisions and outcomes of the UN Convention on Biological Diversity (UNCBD). In addition, she has worked on creating space for engagement of women and girls in the UNCBD, the women’s constituency “UNCBD Women’s Caucus”, which she coordinated for many years. She supports and advocates for the full, effective, and meaningful participation of women and believes they are not only the key rights-holders but that they are key agents of change for a transformative and just society.  She has her Master of Arts in Social Science and Sustainable Development (MASS) from Chiang Mai University in Thailand. 

Social Media: Webpage; Twitter: @RaiMrinalini; @Women4Biodiv