Co-founder, Women’s Environment and Development Organization and founder of Sinal do Vale 


Thais Corral is a social innovator and entrepreneur, women’s rights, and ecological activist. In her 35 years of experience working in the sustainability and equality agendas, she has led award winning projects that offer nature-based solutions for the restoring ecosystems and improving the quality of life for local communities. She was a co-founder of the global advocacy organization WEDO (Women, Environment and Development Organization) and actively participated in the organization of the Earth Summit in 1992.  In 2006, WEDO was recognized as UN Champion of the Earth. Currently her focus is a place-based 400 acres platform named Instituto Sinal do Vale, which she also founded. Sinal do Vale promotes sustainable and regenerative business practices which are shared through entrepreneurship education programs and partnerships at a bioregion level.    

Thais has a master in public administration by the Havard Kennedy School of Government, she is a member of the World Future Council, Home for Humanity Network, BMW responsible leaders group and board member of  Fundacion Futuro Latino Americano.

Social Media: Facebook: thaiscorral; Linkedin: thais-corral; webpage