This event is held as part of the UN Decade pavilion at World Restoration Conference on 27 September 2023

The UN Decade offers an opportunity to substantially advance restoration practice, science, and policy, but to do so requires a shared vision of ecosystem restoration and the principles that underpin it, as well as clear standards for what constitutes best practice. Towards this end, UN Decade partners engaged in a multi-stage process to collaboratively develop principles and standards of practice for ecosystem restoration, based on existing published guidance from a broad range of restorative activities and input from over 400 experts in the field. The principles and standards provide the essential tenets of ecosystem restoration that should be followed to maximize net gain for native biodiversity, ecosystem health and integrity, and human well-being, across all biomes, sectors and regions.

The symposium will address the critical importance of a shared vision and standards of practice for achieving the mission of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, as well as best practices for assessing, planning, implementing, sustaining, monitoring and evaluating restoration projects. The session will then be the occasion to launch the final version of the Standards of Practice to guide Ecosystem Restoration.


  • Tiina Vahanen/Christophe Besacier, FAO
  • Cara R. Nelson, University of Montana and IUCN CEM
  • James Hallett, SER and University of Montana
  • Anita Diederichsen, WWF
  • George Gann, SER
  • Boze Hancock, TNC
  • Andrea Romero, FAO

Angela Andrade, IUCN CEM

Contact: Andrea Romero: [email protected]

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Organized by: UN Decade Task Force on Best Practices

Date of Event: 27 Sep 2023

Time of Event: 10:30:AM - 12:30:PM ACST — Australian Central Standard Time

Event Location: Playhouse, Darwin Entertainment Centre. Darwin, Australia

Event Category: Conference

Event Format: In-person