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Over the past decade, I have had the exceptional fortune of witnessing the recovery and complete rebirth of a landscape destroyed by humans. And I owe all of this to none other than the birds living around us, who are one of the most important guardians of our planet with their diverse ecological services.In my organic farm, I run a bird's nest station full of excitement and discovery, where I have developed an agricultural system full of hope. It's called: bird-human cooperation. Farming based on cooperation and mutual benefits, which not only protects but also heals nature. Would you like to know what role our birds play in pest control? How important are they as spreaders of plant seeds? How can you live in peace with them, what can you get from them, and why is it important to help them?Follow me, get to know the everyday life of the bird-nest box station and discover the wonders of living together with nature! Do for the Birds! Do for Life!

The workshops will take place in-person, but we also publish online what we learned in the programs and the excitement of bird-human cooperation.

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Organized by: Ecological Farm and Bird-Nest Box Station (Bird-NBS)

Date of Event: 10 Jun 2023

Time of Event: 09:00:AM - 03:00:PM CET

Event Location: Hungary, Cottage: Romonya

Event Category: Workshop

Event Format: In-person