Ecosystem Restoration Design

This learning experience is a blend of online content provided by international experts in the field, additional reading & video resources, online facilitation (Design integration module only), and team-design practice where participants apply learnings to a project of their choosing, either individually or collaboratively, with support of the course facilitator, partners, and peers. A commitment of 5 – 10 hours per week of self-directed learning and engagement is recommended.

There are five modules organised as follows:

  • Each lesson in modules 1-4 includes 4 presentations from a prominent practitioner in the field. They discuss the causes of degradation (socio-economic-political), techniques for restoration, the challenges/barriers to restoration, and solutions to overcome them. 
  • Facilitators will hold live sessions twice a month for modules 1-4, and you have full access to our online community and forum - enabling you to connect and share insights with fellow students.
  • Module 5 is the Design Integration module. This is a practical module where you will be submitting a proposal for restoration and will work through a process along with a team and a facilitator.
  • You must complete module 5 in order to receive your certificate! 

Learning Time
The learning time is estimated to be about 5 – 10 hours per week. This includes study time (about three hours/week) and participation in optional collaborative activities (about two hours/week). 
Module 5 (Integration Design module) may require extra hours for meetings and attending Q&As.

Assessment Activities
The assessment activities are organised as follows:

  • Shared reflections and conversations in the forum (optional)
  • Quizzes to reflect on your learning journey (up to 10 attempts)
  • Overall assessment for the course is the final project with facilitators' feedback and peer review

When registering, you can choose the number of modules you wish to complete. You can register for all five modules of the programme or just for the modules you wish to complete. Module 5 will take place on January 10, 2024.

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