Join the living lakes webinars to learn about practical solutions and the latest trends on nature conservation, relevant international agreements and frameworks, and much more.

Experts from different countries and backgrounds will interactively share experiences and knowledge on multiple topics with a common focus – the protection and sustainable use of aquatic ecosystems.

Targeting practitioners, students and policy-makers, the webinars will equip the audience with real life management skills to lead effective conservation.

Discover more in the Healthy and Productive Lakes Portal to learn about the diversity of lake ecosystems, the reasons they are critical to human development and the health of the planet, and the interconnected threats they face. You can also find tools and other resources here, as well as more information about the United Nations Environment Programme, partners and steps you can take!

living lakes

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Organized by: Global Nature Fund

Date of Event: 19 Sep - 3 Dec 2023

Event Category: Webinar

Event Format: Online