New exhibition takes us on a world tour of mangroves. A series of 125 posters combine stunning photos with interesting facts and figures on the mangroves of the world. These posters will be visible on the railings that surround UNESCO headquarters in Paris until the end of September 2023.

Mangrove forests sustain local communities by providing them with seafood, wood and other products. They also mitigate the impact of climate change by sequestering carbon and protecting the coast from storm surges.

However, mangroves are also vulnerable. Many have been lost to coastal development. Some countries have even lost more than 40% of their mangrove area in the past 25 years! Those mangroves that remain cover about 152 000 km2, slightly more than the size of Nepal.

The exhibition mentions projects in which communities living in some of UNESCO’s 748 biosphere reserves in 134 countries are striving to conserve mangroves. 

Meanwhile, discover "World Life Spaces," an new innovative online exhibition and engagement tool dedicated to building awareness and supporting for mangrove conservation. Visit World Life Spaces today and contribute to a more sustainable world.

Learn more here and don't miss the mangrove forests exhibition in Paris!

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Organized by: UNESCO

Date of Event: 2 - 30 Sep 2023

Event Location: UNESCO Headquarters, Paris, France

Event Category: Other

Event Format: In-person