Acción Andina

Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Perú

Acción Andina is a social movement to save the Andean forests, home to one-sixth of all plant life on the planet. Breaking through an impasse in protecting a critical ecosystem and championing community-led restoration of nature. 

More than 200 local communities have benefited from increased economic opportunities through reforestation and forest protection. 

The initiative ultimately aims to protect and restore a forest area of one million hectares by 2045.

The initiative in numbers
5,000 Hectares restored
500,000 Hectares to be restored by 2030
100,000,000 USD in funding needed

“It may take a single chainsaw to cut down a forest, but it takes a community to restore and sustain it. By bringing people together, and using both indigenous values and scientific methods, Acción Andina is helping to revive natural water sources, create jobs and support communities grow even stronger.”
Inger Andersen, Executive Director of UN Environment Programme

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