The Amazon Rainforest has guardians who are fighting to protect it - support the Kayapo Indigenous People whilst enjoying a unique experience 

Don’t miss this episode as we are speaking with Natalie Knowles, a Canadian conservationist and explorer focused on social, economic, and environmental sustainability in adventure travel and outdoor recreation. Natalie was awarded the 2020 Adventure Travel Conservation Fund and Explorer's Club Rolex grants for her work with the Kayapo developing conservation-based and indigenous-led adventure tourism in Brazil's Xingu River basin. In this episode, Natalie shares her thoughts on the essential role of indigenous people in conserving biodiversity, as they are very intimately related to the environment in which they are living.  She explains not only the fascinating stories of the Kayapo Indigenous people but also all the challenges these people and the Kayapo Project are facing in preserving the Amazon forest, lungs of the planet. 




Hosts: Jennifer Gacich (FAO) and Mateusz Benko (UNEP) 

Producers: Cecilia Casalini (FAO), Giorgia Cherubini (UNEP), Katia de Prado (UNEP), Pierre Flecheux (UNEP) and James Obata (FAO). 

Music © “Jungle” by DayFox 

Picture © Natalie Knowles 


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