Do you know how art can closely be linked to the environment and education?

We invite you into the world of Benjamin Von Wong from Canada, an artist at heart, who describes himself as: “an Artist focused on amplifying positive impact”. Benjamin openly shares with us his passion for art, nature, and environmental activism. He tells us about his life, passions, inspirations and way of working. Benjamin is an internationally recognized artist who, through his art, raises awareness about the environmental challenges our Earth is facing. Together with communities where he works, he reuses materials destined for the trash to create his impressive and eloquent installations. His aim is to jumpstart the urgent action needed for our planet. Are you curious about his inner thoughts? Join us to enter the mind of an artist truly dedicated to the environment!




Hosts: Jennifer Gacich (FAO) and Mateusz Benko (UNEP)

Producers: Cecilia Casalini (FAO), Giorgia Cherubini (UNEP), Katia de Prado (UNEP), Pierre Flecheux (UNEP) and James Obata (FAO).

Music © “Jungle” by DayFox

Picture © Benjamin Von Wong


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