Growing coral to revitalize reefs: land based coral farms bring life back to reefs 

Today, we take a deep dive into the marine world of Gator Halpern from The Bahamas. Gator is the co-founder and President of Coral Vita, a company based in the Bahamas that grows corals to revitalize dying reefs. Coastal and reef ecosystems sustain life both above and below the ocean, providing critical habitat for marine life, but also livelihoods for coastal communities. But climate change and human activities pose an existential threat to these ecosystems and the life they support. Let Gator take you on a journey to discover the magic and beauty of coral reefs, and how we can step up our efforts to protect and restore our oceans. 




Hosts: Jennifer Gacich (FAO) and Mateusz Benko (UNEP) 

Producers: Cecilia Casalini (FAO), Giorgia Cherubini (UNEP), Katia de Prado (UNEP), Pierre Flecheux (UNEP) and James Obata (FAO). 

Music © “Jungle” by DayFox 

Picture © Gator Halpern 


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