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Kick-starting an environmental youth group - launching a youth group, from initial concept to high-impact reality 

On today's podcast, we meet up with Vania Olmos Lau, a Mexican biologist who specializes in setting up and kick-starting environmental youth groups. Vania has a knack for conceptualizing and setting up youth-based groups, from the highly successful Restoration Stewards to the Network of Young Environmentalists in Mexico. She has also been involved with establishing the Latin American branches for Youth 4 Nature and the Major Group for Children and Youth. Join us as we hear tips from Vania on how to set up an environmental youth group, while building a sustainable movement with maximum impact. 




Hosts: Jennifer Gacich (FAO) and Mateusz Benko (UNEP) 

Producers: Cecilia Casalini (FAO), Giorgia Cherubini (UNEP), Katia de Prado (UNEP), Pierre Flecheux (UNEP) and James Obata (FAO). 

Music © “Jungle” by DayFox 

Picture © Vania Olmos Lau 


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