Mediterranean - style for plastic fishing: a youth initiative to encourage fishermen to clean the mediterranean sea of plastic waste in addition to fishing 

Today, we meet Lefteris Arapakis from Greece. He is the founder of Enaleia, a non-profit social enterprise tackling plastic sea pollution by promoting fishing practices that preserve local fish populations and remove the mounds of plastic that pollute the world’s seas, adapting the fishing industry for a greener future. Enaleia’s mission is to make the marine ecosystem sustainable by tackling both overfishing and plastic pollution. We discover how a small idea has blossomed into a multi-national effort to find solutions to rid our oceans of plastic debris. 




Hosts: Jennifer Gacich (FAO) and Mateusz Benko (UNEP) 

Producers: Cecilia Casalini (FAO), Giorgia Cherubini (UNEP), Katia de Prado (UNEP), Pierre Flecheux (UNEP) and James Obata (FAO). 

Music © “Jungle” by DayFox 

Picture © Lefteris Arapakis 


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