Multi-country Mountain Flagship

Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kyrgyzstan, Rwanda, Serbia, Uganda

Mountain regions face unique challenges in a changing world. Climate change is melting glaciers, eroding soils and driving many species toward extinction. And the water that mountains supply to farms and cities in the plains below is becoming unreliable.

This flagship showcases initiatives in three diverse regions that are making mountain ecosystems more resilient so they can support both people and unique upland wildlife.

The initiative in numbers
370,500 Hectares restored
2,224,000 Hectares to be restored by 2030
21,600 Green jobs to be created by 2030
“As mountain ecosystems and the benefits of their critical services to nature and humanity often stretch across borders, honouring this work in Kyrgyzstan, Rwanda, Serbia and Uganda as part of the inaugural group of World Restoration Flagships should serve as inspiration from what countries can accomplish when they work together to protect these awe-inspiring places.”
Inger Andersen, UNEP Executive Director

Leading organizations

This World Restoration Flagship is coordinated by The United Nations Environment ProgrammeThe Carpathian Convention, and The Mountain Partnership.