Lakes in international media

Karnataka pollution control board puts out 25 parameters of lake water analysis, activists hail move, Indian Express. Read more.

UK's largest freshwater lake drowning in toxic algae, CGTN. Read more

Locals fear disaster as North Macedonia's Lake Prespa recedes, Euractiv. Read more

People displaced by rising waters in Kenya’s Rift Valley await new start, Al Jazeera. Read more

Collective conservation is improving the health of the Yangtze River - and its four lakes. WWF. Read more.

Survey reveals 767 trees and 59 tree species at Dorekere Lake in Bengaluru, The Hindu. Read more

Egypt angry as Ethiopia fills Nile dam reservoir amid water row, BBC. Read more.

Campaigners call out a polluting Rio Tinto mine project damaging Madagascan communities, The Canary. Read more.

[Lake Gatun] A severe drought is affecting the Panama Canal, CNN. Read more

Environmental groups renew legal challenge of massive Denver Water reservoir expansion, Read more.

Environmental groups sue Utah over failure to protect Great Salt Lake from brink of collapse, CNN. Read more

The monster that feeds and eats away at Lake Tahoe, CNN. Read more.

Panama Canal water levels at historic lows, restrictions to remain, Reuters. Read more

Kenya's Lake Baringo: Surviving hippo and crocodile attacks, BBC. Read more. 

Severe drought hits irrigation source [Lake Keramettin] of Türkiye's Edirne, Daily Sabah. Read more

The world’s highest navigable lake [Titicaca] is drying out, CNN. Read more

Should rural India drink urban wastewater?, Mongabay. Read more

Plastic levels in Lake Geneva as high as world's oceans, Hindustan News. Read more

Ruto’s fish ‘promises’ to Lake Victoria fishermen, Nairobi News. Read more.  

“Rare, expensive”: Fish eating by Lake Victoria plunges amid climate change, African Argument. Read more

90% of Great Lakes water samples have unsafe microplastic levels – report, The Guardian. Read more

On Lake Michigan, a giant water battery aids clean energy transition, MLive. Read more

Great Lakes gets its first wind farm – but some fear environmental fallout, The Guardian. Read more

Lake Mead sees 'significant improvement' in water levels after drought led to disturbing discoveries, ABC News. Read more

Pollution in Venezuela's Lake Maracaibo threatens life in one of the world's oldest lakes, ABC News. Read more

High in the Andes, Lake Titicaca's water levels fall to historic lows, France24. Read more

Road salt pollution in many US lakes could stabilize at or below thresholds set by the EPA, Science Daily. Read more

Lake Victoria's glory fades further as efforts to save it fail, Daily Nation. Read more

Pollution blamed for mass fish deaths in Lake Victoria, Kenya News Agency. Read more

Mass fish kill in Bengaluru, [Lower Ambalipura Lake] fisherman blames civic mess for 3.6 lakhs loss and pollution, The New Indian Express. Read more

Efforts to save Lake Victoria failing as pollution escalates, Daily Nation. Read more

Environment: Lake Rotorua has highest levels of plastic pollution of all NZ lakes, New Zealand Herald. Read more

China's largest saltwater lake expands as eco-environment improves, CGTN. Read more.

Burundi, neighbouring countries step up protection for Lake Tanganyika, France 24. Read more.

More robust measures needed to minimise disaster impact in Lake Victoria Basin: Study, Down To Earth. Read more. 

Shrinking of half of the world's freshwater lake reserves, Kompas. Read more

New monitoring station at Lake Abert. USGS. Read more

Global water reservoir volumes decline despite construction boom – study. Reuters. Read More.

An ‘unprecedented drought’ is affecting the Panama Canal. El Niño could make it worse. CNN. Read more. 

Two California lakes are making comebacks with different results, NBC News. Read more

UNEP urged to support rehabilitation of Africa’s second largest ox – Bow Lake. Kenya News Agency. Read more.

Lakes of Bengaluru: Concern over untreated sewage as Challakere lake reports fish deaths. The Indian Express. Read more. 

Supreme Court dramatically shrinks Clean Water Act’s reach. Politico. Read more. 

Chemical cocktails harmful to wildlife found in 81% of English rivers and lakes.The Guardian. Read more.

More than half of the world's large lakes are drying up, study finds, Reuters. Read more

Plastic waste disposal affecting fish production on Lake Albert, New Vision. Read more. 

China steps up flood prevention work in at-risk reservoirs, CGTN. Read more.

Sand Mining In Tanzania: Trails Of Destruction In Lake Victoria And Its Environs, Talk Africa. Read more.

Lake Victoria's suffocating lakefront, The Standard. Read more. 

Shrinking Reservoirs in Catalonia, Earth Observatory. Read more.

Kake Naivasha choking in fresh waste, warns lobby, The Star. Read more. 

Is it a Lake, or a Battery? A New kind of hydropower is spreading fast, New York Times. Read more.

As sand miners prosper in Uganda, a vital lake basin suffers, Spectrum News. Read more. 

Let’s talk about the biggest cause of the [US] West’s water crisis, Vox. Read more.

Only 2% of New Zealand’s large lakes are in good health, bleak report finds. Read more. 

A long-dormant lake [Tulare] has reappeared in California, bringing havoc along with it, CNBC. Read more

Long-Lost California Lake's flooding [also Tulare] is 'life-changing' problem, Newsweek. Read more.

Governor Nyong'o kicks off Lake Victoria clean-up drive, The Star. Read more. 

California's looming snowmelt to resurrect lost Tulare Lake, Axioa. Read more

Climate change and nutrient fluctuations disrupt networks in lakes, Read more. 

Microplastics pollution found in fresh-fallen Sierra snow and Lake Tahoe, CBS News. Read more. 

Recycling lake litter, Ugandan makes innovative tourist boat, Associated Press. Read more.

Lake levels are rising across the world and climate change is to blame, New Scientist. Read more.

Changes needed to save second-largest U.S. reservoir, experts say, The Washington Post, Read more.

India: Women revive ponds for water security in Bundelkhand, Mongabay. Read more.

Urban ponds require attention to ensure biodiversity, shows study, Read more.

Chinese plateau lake sees increased biodiversity as ecology prioritized, CCTV. Read more.

‘The tale of the disappearing lake’: The Boko Haram insurgency and the narrative politics of the climate crisis, New National Star. Read more.

Floating PV could reach 4.8 GW globally by 2026. PV Magazine. Read more.

Floating solar farms could cool down lakes threatened by climate change. The Conversation. Read more

The floating solar panels that track the Sun. BBC. Read more.

Floating solar power could help fight climate change — let’s get it right. Nature. Read more.


UNEP's coverage of lakes

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