Imagine a city renowned not just for its architecture or cuisine but its ‘swimmability’. Think of Copenhagen’s iconic harbour baths, Zurich’s tranquil lakes, or the spiritual waters of India’s Ganges. Such destinations don’t just offer a dip; they promise an immersive experience, boosting quality of life, invigorating workplaces, and regenerating urban ecosystems!

By spotlighting pioneering champions and projects around the Planet, Regeneration Projects is excited to share a practical resource that will transform the way you understand and work with urban waterways.

Key themes:

  • State of Swimmable CIties: Biggest Successes and Challenges

  • Game-changing ideas

  • DEFINING, DESIGNING and NET BENEFITS of Swimmable Cities & Communities

  • CASE STUDY: Swimmable Birrarung / Yarra River by 2030 with MASTERPLAN and indicative examples of experiences

  • Aditional resources

Key Recommendations include:

  • Establishment of an international Swimmable Cities working group

  • A Swimmable Cities Summit (for example, in Paris after the 2024 Summer Olympics)

  • 300 new cities starting their journey towards ‘swimmability’ by 2030 (including strategic alignments to the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration)

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