This Special Climate Change Fund (SCCF) project is a flagship initiative for South-South cooperation, enabling an exchange of technology transfer, capacity-building, policy support or fundraising between countries in the Global South. The project catalyzed global and regional collaboration on Ecosystem-based Adaptation (EbA), especially sharing China’s experience and research know-how in ecological restoration and climate change adaptation.

Nature-based solutions for climate adaptation were piloted in key vulnerable ecosystems, like deserts in Mauritania, mountains in Nepal, and coasts in Seychelles. The project demonstrated various best practices, such as collaborating with local universities on long-term research, which resulted in the publication of many research papers that share key lessons from pilot EbA in three countries. In addition, the project produced a wide range of tools and knowledge products to encourage nature-based solutions for adaptation through South-South cooperation.

As a result, 450 hectares in the deserts of Mauritania and 20 hectares of mangroves in Seychelles are going to be restored ecologically once the trees have matured; 840,000 seedlings were planted in Nepalese watersheds to increase water supplies and reduce soil erosion; 34 technical reports and research papers were developed; and almost 4,900 people were reached through public awareness activities. A dedicated website for the project focused not only on sharing project approaches and outcomes but also lessons, toolkits, and best practices on EbA for a broad audience.

Affiliate Partner

UN Environment Programme and Global Environment Facility

Type of publication

Fact Sheet

Type of Ecosystem

Grasslands, Shrublands and Savannahs, Mountains and Oceans and coasts

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