Monitoring water quality is crucial due to growing pressures, particularly in lake ecosystems. The listed resources can help us understand the impact of this environmental problem.

Pathway to the World Water Quality Assessment. Learn more

Plastics in Rivers and Lakes: Guidelines for the Harmonization of Methodologies: Guideline for the Harmonization of Methodologies. Learn more.

World Water Quality Alliance website (UNEP, launched in January 2023). Learn more.

Global Partnership on Nutrient Management. Learn more.

Acceleration for ambient water quality action – A UN Systems Approach (UNEP/WMO/UNESCO). Learn more.

Assessing Groundwater Quality: A global perspective (Importance, methods and potential data sources) - World Water Quality Alliance (WWQA), 2020. Learn more.

The Snapshot Report of the World’s Water Quality - United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), 2016. Learn more.

Towards a Worldwide Assessment of Freshwater Quality - UN - Water, 2016. Learn more.