The involvement of youth in the UN Decade and #GenerationRestoration movement is critically important, not only for the sustainability of restoration initiatives beyond 2030 but also for promoting intergenerational equity. During the UN Decade, the United Nations Major Group for Children and Youth through the Children and Youth Organisation accredited to UNEP and SDG 2 Working Group will facilitate the engagement of youth advocates, youth-led restoration initiatives, and a wide range of formal and informal youth groups.

Sub-Committees Overview
Members of the Youth Task Force work alongside young people through the Ecosystems Focus Group which is a universal structure under the UN Environment’s Programme Major Group for Children and Youth. One of the ways to facilitate this engagement is through subgroups of the Focus Group  each with a specific focus on furthering the involvement of young people in the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration. These subcommittees meet fortnightly or monthly as agreed upon by the Sub-committee members. 

Capacity BuildingThe capacity-building subcommittee seeks to equip and capacitate youth with the skills and knowledge to understand, and take action on, ecosystem restoration. Through the sharing of resources, tools, and best practices, the capacity-building subcommittee will support young people in contributing to the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration and create an enabling environment for youth empowerment.

Fundraising: The sole responsibility of this sub committee is to mobilize resources that will allow the taskforce and young people more broadly to execute initiatives in alignment with pillars of the UN Decade. This will be done through partnerships and grant funding which allows the UN decade partners, governments and other stakeholders to foster an environment for meaningful youth engagement. 

Website: The Website subcommittee seeks to develop a communication medium that gives the taskforce the visibility it needs to showcase the work of young people across the world. This will allow for easy access to information on the taskforce and the work it is involved in and promotes. 

Communications: The advocacy efforts of the taskforce will be led by the Communications Sub Committee. This committee will plan initiatives that promotes the #GenerationRestoration Campaign and shape the narrative around the task force policy positions in the most effective way. 

Project Review: The Project Review Sub Committee has the responsibility to design, plan and execute programmes and initiatives sanctioned by the UN Decade Task Force and Focus group in support of youth action the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration.

Policy Coordination: The preparation and coordination of youth inputs for position papers, policy papers or other written outputs relevant to the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration will be led by this subcommittee.

YTF Facilitator(s)

Capacity Building Committee

Fundraising Committee 

Website Committee 

Comms Committee

Project Review

Policy Coordination Committee: TBD