This dynamic 4-day training course combines interactive classroom sessions with hands-on field learning. Designed to immerse participants in the nuances of post-mining land restoration, the curriculum spans environmental, economic, and climate change mitigation facets. Rooted in the Resource Nexus approach, participants will be expertly guided through a holistic understanding of sustainable practices and integrated solutions. By considering a wide range of ecological, industrial, and social cases, this training aims to draw a role model for the growing number of post-mining transition regions with similar arising questions. The participants will discuss together how to manage the post-mining legacy and make it an asset rather than a liability. The course will provide:

  • Holistic understanding of post-mining land restoration fundamental
  • Overview ofsoil rehabilitation techniques
  • Ecosystem planning and reforestation strategies
  • Real-world field trip experiences
  • Diverse techniquesfor habitat restoration
  • Holistic approach to land restoration strategies
  • Application of adaptive management and GIS monitoring
  • Stakeholder involvement and communication strategies

The training course targets a diverse audience ranging from environmental professionals,policymakers, and researchers to mining industry personnel and community stakeholders. The program also targets government officials and regulators of the mining sector.

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Organized by: G20 Global Land Initiative - UNCCD

Date of Event: 15 - 18 Apr 2024

Event Location: Dresden, Germany

Event Category: Workshop

Event Format: In-person